Being one of the best service provider spectrum is offering wide range of cable TV channels to its customer according to their needs and preferences. Along with different bundle packages spectrum also provided cable TV in different languages like Spectrum Spanish. With spectrum espanol you will have different channel packages which includes the following-


With this package of customer get more than 75 Spanish channel along with 65 + English cable channel their package. This will be perfect for your family is you belong spanishh world as it support your favourite Spanish language channels along with different English Channel which you can enjoy with your family. 


With this package of you were is able to get more than 75 Spanish channels along with more than 125 English channels. This is one of the most demanding package where you can combine tv select in English along with your favourite spanish channel which everyone will enjoy in your household.

Offer for the customers of spectrum internet

You can easily connect your love ones present in Latin America by sending free text with spectrum internet plans as it provides-

  • The internet plan provide unlimited data to the residents of United State. Along with that they also provide free calling services to Puerto Rico and Mexico.
  • It also provide flexibility to its user as they have the option to select any of the data plan offered by spectrum internet services according to their need requirement and usability.
  • They offer you contract free services so you dont have to hassle about paying extra fee or bound in contract of getting their services.

Reason to choose spectrum deals

The main aim of Spectrum is to provide affordable and reliable TV and cable internet packages to its customers. One of the prime reasons to select spectrum over other service providers is the fact that they offer amazing spectrum discounts with other perks to their customers. Moreover, spectrum offers and deals do not bind their customers to get the year-long service agreement, you can cancel that package anytime as you are free to do so. They do not charge any penalty for canceling your services. To make their services and everything risk-free they also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for their services.

Spectrum channels and packages

One research finds out that most of the residents in the US loves sport and that is why it has become one of the top reasons to get cable TV in their home. Spectrum understands your needs and that is why they supplement your package with various sports channels with must-have famous channels of Sports like Fox Sports and ESPN. If you want to get access to more sports channels, then you can simply upgrade your spectrum TV service with the add-on sports channels like fox soccer Plus, NFL networks, and many more to enjoy the live sports at your home.

· Spectrum TV select- It has come up with more than five Sports channels including the famous sports channel like Fox Sports 1 and ESPN.

· Spectrum TV silver- It is the upgraded version of spectrum TV select where you will get more than 15 Sports channels including NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, and many more.

· Spectrum TV Gold- As the name suggests it is the most upgraded version of spectrum TV where you will get access to more than 35 sports channels and fox soccer Plus.

Advantages of Spectrum TV

Let’s go through the advantages of Spectrum TV so that you will be able to understand that why it is called the future of television

Freedom to choose

Select TV channels provide you the freedom to choose your favorite channels according to your need and entertainment. You will never make internet TV once you know that how much freedom it provides to choose your programs including podcasts, television episodes, on-demand movies, live TV, and apps and sites. All of these programs and shows provide you offer a wide range of TV programs you can enjoy online by sitting at your own place.

Freedom from various contracts

If you choose the service of selecting the channel then you will be amazed to know that they provide you freedom from the contracts. The select TV channels provide you a wide range of options of programs that is available for you at a very affordable cost with short-term contracts. Another way we can say that you will have the opportunity to upgrade your existing contract by including more television programs in case you shift your interest towards new shows or new programs.

By Janet J