SAP has rolled out SAP Build, a cloud-based, low-code application development and workflow management solution that enables non-developers to build enterprise applications, automate business processes, and design business websites.

SAP Build is built on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). With SAP Build, the company says, business users can build an app themselves, without having to go to IT and wait to have developers build it. Users can use a visual designer and leverage pre-built forms, workflows, automations, and application components to create cloud-hosted applications for common business scenarios such as HR on-boarding, invoice management, and sales order management.

Announced November 15, the drag-and-drop tool represents an evolution of SAP’s low-code products, combining the visual prototyping tool and a number of previously disparate solutions. SAP Build features include:

  • SAP Build Apps, an evolution of the SAP AppGyver no-code, visual programming environment, enabling development of mobile and web enterprise applications. A visual cloud functions capability simplifies development by providing tools to visually build cloud-hosted application business logic and data models, without having to manage underlying infrastructure or databases.
  • SAP Build Process Automation, for automation of workflows and tasks, with workflow management, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • SAP Build One Work Zone, bringing capabilities of SAP’s Launchpad and Work Zone into a single solution for creation of personalized business websites.

SAP Build provides access to business data and processes from SAP applications such as SAP S/4HANA and to non-SAP data through use of SAP Integration Suite. Business process monitoring is provided through integration between SAP Build and SAP Signavio business process management. SAP also makes use of BTP security and compliance services.

Plans call for deeper integration of SAP Build with advanced cloud technologies available on BTP including SAP Graph, SAP Build Process Automation, and the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. As part of its SAP Build rollout, SAP also launched the SAP Builders program to help non-technical users develop applications through courses, lessons, hackathons, and best practices.

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