Samsung’s 5 Best Black Friday Deals Include Crazy Odyssey Ark

Now that Black Friday 2022 the day is here and you somehow managed to not take advantage of any of the deals from the past three or four weeks, let’s figure out what you might want to buy now. First up, we have Samsung’s store, where there are both discounts and instant trade-ins to be had on everything from phones to watches, earbuds, monitors, and TVs.

Here is a quick list of the 5 Samsung Black Friday deals we think might be the best around.

Galaxy Fold 4 is at least $450 off

We already talked about this deal separately because it’s that good of a deal for a device this expensive, but wanted to call it out again.

Not to waste too much time on this, but the promo here is $450 off if you don’t have a phone to trade-in, which drops the price to $1,349. If you do have any Samsung or Apple phone to trade, you get $350 off plus at least $300 off for the trade. So even if you have a Galaxy S2, Samsung should give you $650 off instantly. If you have other phones, like a newer Galaxy Fold 3 or something, you could get up to $1,000 off in addition to the $350.

Samsung’s Fold 4 deal link

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is $50 off + trade-in discounts

The smartwatch that is arguably the best on Android, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (review), is discounted by at least $50. This watch is so good, with its multi-day battery life, fine machined body, and modern-yet-industrial look. I might be a big fan of the Pixel Watch, but the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is probably the best watch for most people.

So you get $50 off just because, but if you have an older Samsung watch to trade-in, you can get up to $240 off in extra discounts. You’ll either pay $399 (instead of $450) or as little as $159. Also, the Golf Edition is a full $100 off in case you prefer its unique watch band and golf software.

Samsung’ Watch 5 Pro deal link

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are $30 off + $50 for any random headset trade

Samsung’s newest true wireless earbuds carry a steep $230 price and have been tough to recommend over the Pixel Buds Pro at full price. For Black Friday, Samsung is giving you reason to consider them.

For the shopping weekend, you can shave $30 off the Buds 2 Pro and pay $199. However, if you have any wired or wireless pair of earbuds to trade, Samsung will give you another $50 off. Of course, you can trade-in in nicer earbuds and receive up to $75 off. Almost any of Samsung’s previously released earbuds will get you the full $75 discount.

Samsung’s Buds 2 Pro deal link

Galaxy Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra are $300 off

The Galaxy Tab S8 line of tablets is a wild one. There are 3 sizes, including one with a massive 14.6″ display. I have no idea who would want to hold a tablet that big, but I also have to admit that I kind of want one. Whatever your needs, all of Samsung’s best tablets are discounted, there are trade-in discounts too, and you may even be eligible for a $150 gift card.

The simple breakdown is up to $200 off the Galaxy Tab S8 or up to $300 off the Tab S8+ or Tab S8 Ultra. You get a bigger discount if you add more storage or RAM. The best price is probably the regular Tab S8 with max specs.

Samsung is claiming they’ll offer up to $500 off for trade-ins, but they are basically asking for older phones to be traded in. For the Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra, if you don’t have any thing to trade-in, you’ll get a bonus $150 eCerftificate sent later.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 deal link

The random crazy deal: 55″ Odyssey Ark rotating gaming monitor is $700 off

This is not at all Android or mobile related, and I have no idea who has this kind of money for a monitor, but I had to share. Samsung’s new 55″ curved gaming monitor that rotates (and looks absurd) is $700 off, bringing its starting price down to $2,799 (!). It has a 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, 4K resolution, and overall is an insane product. Someone buy me one.

Samsung’s Odyssey Ark deal link

By Janet J

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