The all new Reebok T7.5 treadmill is here! It is preset with 36 motivational training programs to assist users in achieving their target goals and keeping themselves fit. Packed with technology-savvy programs and other exciting features, this treadmill is recommended for runners of all levels. There is a custom program that enables the users to run or walk with the personalized program in order to achieve their targets.

The running belt is coated with phenol, making it even durable. A 2.5HP motor is used to power up the Reebok T7.5 treadmill to support a maximum speed of 18kilometers per hour and users up to 150kolograms. The treadmill supports incline levels up to 15% to aid users who wish to do uphill training or lose weight. It is designed for frequent usage and carries a 10-year motor warranty. It takes up a minimal space of 63cm x 91cm when it is folded up. The transformation system and soft drop system makes folding and unfolding the treadmill makes it user friendly. Users do not need to lay your hands on to fold or unfold the treadmill.

Equipped with the Intelligent Cushioned System (ICS), it enables users to train longer and prevent injuries. It helps users to avoid double impact shock as well as burn more calories with longer muscular contractions. The wireless receiver offers accurate heart rate readings from the chest transmitters but it is sold separately.

The Reebok T7.5 treadmill comes with a touch-LCD with backlit and it allows users to store up their personal data up to 9 user profiles. The programs will self-adjust according to the user’s goal of total calories burnt, running duration or distance.

The hefty price tag of USD1900 that comes with this high tech running machine would be a turn-off to those who are aiming to get a treadmill with a lower price. But for people who are looking for a well-equipped treadmill that will last for years, this would be the right one for them.

By Janet J

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