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Job Description

As part of its Big Data activities, Adaltas Academy is an information-sharing platform bringing together articles, training content, and a knowledge base. The users of the platform are students, professionals as well as administrators of Big Data platforms.

You will participate in the application architecture and the implementation of the service with the objective to go into production. You will join an agile team led by a teacher and expert in Web technologies and DevOps.

Company presentation

Adaltas specializes in the processing and storage of data. We work on-premise and in the cloud to operate Big Data platforms and strengthen our clients’ teams in the areas of architecture, operations, data engineering, data science, and DevOps. Cloudera and Databricks partners, we are also open source contributors. We invite you to browse our site and our technical articles.

Skills required and to be acquired

The development of the platform involves a wide range of technologies. It require solid knowledge in Javascript with Node.js and React. An understanding of DevOps tools and the Linux system is recommended. An experience with a mentionned technology is a plus.

The mission covers a wide range of technologies including JamStack architecture, GraphQL APIs, Infrastructure as Code automation, Next.js and React, Docker and Kubernetes.

In addition, you will work along with Big Data experts and learn about the Big Data ecosystem.


  • The definition of the JamStack architecture
  • The creation of a front-end with Next.js and React
  • The API exposure with GraphQL and Node.js
  • The development of unit tests and their integration in the CI/CD pipeline
  • The prototyping and the construction of the platform
  • The access security enforcement via OAuth and OpenID connected to a company directory
  • The containerization of services with Docker and Kubernetes
  • The interaction with Big Data teams to enrich the hosted content
  • Participation in the development of open-source projects

Additional information

  • Location: Boulogne Billancourt, France
  • Languages: French or English
  • Starting date: mars 2022
  • Duration: 4 mois

This internship is an opportunity to improve your skills in the field of Web technologies while familiarizing yourself with the field of Big Data. The addressable scope is relatively large, combining DevOps, front-end, Web APIs, distributed systems, and Big Data. For those who have the appetite, the internship can be fully or partially oriented on Big Data and Infrastructure as Code.

Available hardware

A laptop with the following characteristics:

  • 32GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD
  • 8c/16t CPU

A cluster made up of:

  • 3x 28c/56t Intel Xeon Scalable Gold 6132
  • 3x 192TB RAM DDR4 ECC 2666MHz
  • 3x 14 SSD 480GB SATA Intel S4500 6Gbps

A Kubernetes cluster and a Hadoop cluster.


  • Salary 1000 € / month
  • Restaurant tickets
  • Transportation pass
  • Participation in one international conference

In the past, the conferences which we attended include the KubeCon organized by the CNCF foundation, the Open Source Summit from the Linux Foundation and the Fosdem.

For any request for additional information and to submit your application, please contact David Worms:

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