8 Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

Teaching is hard, we all could benefit from a little relief by increasing our productivity. Here we will look at 8 Chrome Extensions to increase your productivity.

1. Small PDF

This extension allows you to upload a PDF from your computer and write on it, add text, and more! Very easy to use. Oftentimes teacher resources come in the form of a PDF. How do you personalize it? Small PDF to the rescue!

Smallpdf chrome extensions to increase your productivity

2. AnyoneCanView

I use this extension every day! It is very likely that whatever Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides that I am looking at needs to be shared. If parents need to see it, it needs to be shared with “anyone” and not just people at my school. It is multiple clicks to set the document as “Anyone with the link can view” as well as to copy it to your clipboard. This assumes that you even remember to change the sharing settings.

AnyoneCanView Chrome extension will change the sharing permissions and copy the link to your clipboard.

Get in the habit of using the AnyoneCanView Chrome extension each time you need to share a document link. Then you can share with confidence that they will be able to view the document. AnyoneCanView collects NO user data!

3. Speechify Text to Speech Voice Reader

Want to be more productive? Have websites read to you while you do other tasks. In Google Docs there is a button that allows me to have my document read back to me.

speechify text to speech voice reader

4. Shortcuts (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts)

Create your own shortcuts! What better way to be productive than to create shortcuts for actions you frequently do.

5. Tide Focus Timer & White Noise

If you’re looking to be productive then you need to focus! There are many add-ons that will block you from using social media or other sites while you’re supposed to be grading! This one gives you some delightful white noise.

6. Print Edit WE

How many times have you wanted to print something off the Internet for your students only to have it not quite print worthy? This Chrome extension will help you print out materials for your students, edited in a format that you can use.

Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity use Print Edit we

7. Tile Tabs WE

I am oftentimes rocking my email, my gradebook, and my LMS… amongst other tabs. Wouldn’t it be nice to see them all at once? Right click on the Chrome extension to determine a helpful layout.

8. BackStop

For some reason when using Chrome and I am using the backspace key sometimes it essentially presses the back arrow for the browser. Years ago I installed Backstop and it has been a godsend. Nothing ruins your productivity more than losing where you were at. Backstop solves that.

Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity use BackStop
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Productivity Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions can’t gain you back all the time in your day, however as teachers we need all the time we can get. Try out some different extensions to help you to be more productive. 8 Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity to get you started.

By Janet J

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