The comparison between desktops and laptops has been going since decades. For so many years, office workers have used desktops. However, presently the scenario is changing. 

As laptop technology has advanced with time, it challenged the longstanding reign of desktops. At the present time, many companies are opting towards laptops for their employees. If you also want to opt for laptops, you must check honor magic4 pro deals uk to avail the best deals. 

It is evident that the best computer sitting on or under a desk is more powerful but less portable. Whether a laptop lets you carry it and work anywhere you want. But the use of a laptop is limited.

In comparison with laptops, computers are more customizable. If you use a computer, you need to arrange the top-of-the-line parts for every aspect. But your choices with a laptop are limited. Usually, laptops are limited by their size and power consumption.

What should you buy between a laptop and a computer?

It is completely you what you want to buy. You need to determine your choice as per some factors. Such factors are;


If you consider the convenience, undoubtedly, a laptop offers greater convenience on account of physical portability. Besides, by using a laptop, you will have the peace of mind that you can carry your work wherever you prefer. 

Laptops are specifically designed to serve you an easy user experience. Even the set-up of a brand new laptop is relatively easy.

On the other hand, computers are easy to repair. It offers more onsite service options in comparison with laptops. Whether laptops need to be repaired offsite through third party establishments.

When you compare, the convenience factor of desktops stays behind laptops. And you can check the honor magic4 pro deals uk to get the most convenient laptops. 

Life Expectancy

Computers tend to have longer life expectancy in comparison with laptops. And it happens because desktops are designed to stay in one place instead of getting lugged around. Therefore, computers are not prone to damage. 

Besides, computers are less vulnerable to theft as they sit in one secure place. You can’t carry a computer in public spaces. 

We mentioned earlier that it is easy to replace the broken parts of a computer. You also can upgrade the parts easily. It ensures that the desktop will remain functional for long years.

On the other hand, a laptop is not that long-lasting. When a laptop starts to have performance issues, the only option is to buy a new laptop.


Both laptops and computers come with different features and different costs. However, computers are less expensive than laptops with comparable features.

Though people consider laptops an all-in-one device, desktops require extra accessories like a mouse and keyboard. 

Computers tend to be more durable and less vulnerable than laptops. It means computer owners pay less often for upgrades than laptop owners.


Both computers and laptops serve similar purposes. Still, you need to choose one according to your purpose and requirements.

For students, a laptop is surely the best option. If you are a student and go to school or outside your home to study, a laptop will be more suitable for you than a laptop.

If you are a gamer by profession, an office goer, or a heavy-duty user, you should opt out of the computer. Desktops are more suitable for heavy-duty uses.

Laptops are best recommended for light work like word processing, reading, streaming videos, and net surfing. Also, if you want to experience work flexibility, you should go for laptops. 


Overall, computers tend to reign when it comes to ease of upgrading, price, life expectancy, and power. On the other hand, laptops excel in terms of convenience and portability. Ultimately, it is entirely up to you how powerful the machine you need for your purpose. 

You can consider the above points to compare the differences between a laptop and a computer. Indeed, it will help you to clear your dilemma. You can go through internet to get the best laptop deals. Otherwise, go for computers if you want a durable machine within an affordable budget. 

By Janet J

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