Trinocular Lens Makes Digital Wigglegrams Easier To Take

Absolutely everyone likes a good animated GIF, except for some Hackaday commenters who apparently desire to dwell a joyless existence. And we just can’t consider of a far better way to rejoice moving photographs than with a 3D-printed trinocular camera that helps make digital Wigglegrams a snap to build.

What is a Wigglegram, you say? We have noticed them prior to, but the primary concept is to get 3 independent images by 3 diverse lenses at the identical time, so that the parallax mistake from every lens final results in three a little distinctive views. Stringing the a few frames alongside one another as a GIF afterwards final results in an interesting illusion of depth and motion. In accordance to [scealux], the inspiration for making this digital camera came from photographer [Kirby Gladstein]’s get the job done, which we have to confess is fairly great.

Whilst [Kirby] uses a special lenticular film digital camera for his photographs, [scealux] made the decision to start his make with a Sony a3600 mirrorless electronic camera. A 3D-printed lens system with a focusing system retains three smaller lenses which have been harvested from disposable 35 mm film cameras — are all those nonetheless a factor? Just about every lens sits in entrance of a established of baffles to management the gentle and be certain just about every of the a few photographs falls on a distinct element of the camera’s image sensor.

The resulting trio of photos displays significant vignetting, but that only adds to the charm of the concluded GIF, which is produced in Photoshop. That is a guide and considerably tedious process, but [scealux] claims he has some macros to pace matters up. Grainy though they may well be, we like these Wigglegrams we really do not even hate the vertical structure. What we’d actually like to see, however, is to see every thing accomplished in-digicam. We’ve seen a GIF camera right before, and though automating the put up-processing would be a challenge, it would seem possible. at?v=PVDwAEtDep0

By Janet J

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