More and more with the integration of different technologies, gamers are searching for one way to play all of their PC and Android games on one system without miles of cords and hours of frustration. Nvidia is looking to level the playing field with the Nvidia SHIELD, a three part system that supports portable gaming across a variety of platforms.


Already well known for producing high quality graphics cards used worldwide by gamers, Nvidia now makes an 8″ tablet with a Tegra K1 mobile processor and full HD 1080p screen. The speakers are front facings and it comes with a cover that doubles as a stand. This tablet is designed to be used with the Nvidia SHIELD wireless controller to play all of your PC games. You even have the ability to stream your games via Twitch. On top of what it does on its own, it is capable of plugging directly into the TV, negating the need for you to invest in a second 42″ flat screen for your computer.

SHIELD Portable

Complete with state of the art rendering and precision control, Nvidia’s SHIELD Portable is an all-in-one device for the travelling gamer. Built with a Tegra mobile 4 processor, a 5-inch 720p touch screen. It comes preloaded with optimized games but can run any popular emulator. With online capability, the Portable also serves as a high-quality entertainment device able to stream Hulu and Netflix as well as download any type of media from Google Play.

SHIELD Wireless Controller

Made to work with both tablet and portable, Nvidia’s SHIELD Wireless Controller is the first-ever precision controller designed for both PC and Android streaming. Its wireless capability uses Wi-Fi Direct to reduce latency and increase performance in comparison to the Bluetooth controllers. Each controller also utilizes an integrated microphone to access voice commands and search functions. Other features include a headphone jack, touch-pad, dedicated buttons for Android navigation and volume controls.

Undoubtedly designed by gamers for gamers, the Nvidia SHIELD line up is the next step in game integration. By creating products that make accessing and playing your PC games easier combined with stellar quality of both picture and sound, full gaming systems will soon be on the way out. This ease of use and portability means that PC gaming is quickly going to become the dominant way to play video games. Accessibility and Convenience is was makes the Nvidia Shield a viable component in mobile gaming.

By Janet J

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