Robert Bowling, the community manager for Modern Warfare 2, recently gave an interview where he shared some details about the upcoming Activision title.

The new game will continue the story from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare with gamers continuing the action after killing Zakyhev in one of the last missions on Call of Duty 4. The Ultra nationalists are your enemies and you will fight in a variety of locations on in the sequel to call of duty.

Infinity Ward have put a lot of effort into making MW2 a game with massive amounts of variety in terms of the layout and contrast of the in game locations, from blistery cold plains to vibrant inner city Rio de Janeiro they have tried to make the sequel a game with great visual variety. All the environments will be high resolution and they have introduced streaming textures which is technical mumbo jumbo for me and you but basically means they are able to have much larger and more reactive environments in the new title.

The game play mechanics are set to amaze MW2 gamers with innovative features such as heart rate monitors, stealth modes and vehicle interaction, such as driving your snow mobile whilst shooting your Glock, which Robert Bowling of the Infinity ward Team describes simply as, ‘Awesome!’.

Robert also discusses the importance of Infinity Ward’s live Twitter feed which he says has helped to develop some key aspects of the new Call of Duty title. With one major feature coming from these suggestions being the dynamic environments that terrorists can interact with by deciding to attack you in a variety of ways, giving you a unique gaming experience each and every time you play Modern Warfare 2.

By Janet J

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