Live TV Apps Like Bioscope TV

Do you love to watch online TV? I assume the answer is yes; here you go with Bioscope live TV. The app will give you the smooth experience of watching live TV channels directly from your mobile device. With the Bioscope app, you can easily watch your favorite live shows and all your special episodes without interruption. Enjoy a fast TV experience and unlimited Bangla movies.

For people who love to watch Bangla movies and shows, then the Bioscope app is simply for them. You can also watch past episodes with the Bioscope Live TV App. Music, News, and TV show everything in one place.

BDCast – Bangla Live TV, Radio

Here you go with another app; once again, it will give you a Bangla touch. The BDCast app lets you play all your favorite TV channels directly from your smart devices. With the full-fledging interface, the BDCast app can also give you a smooth playing experience for your Android Smart TV. Along with the live TV, the BDCast app also allows you to listen to live Radio channels just from your smart device without interruption. Power your entertainment with BDCast live TV app dedicated to the Bangla community.

JagoTV Bangla Live TV

JagoTV Bangla Live TV

Let’s check out another app that gives you the pleasant experience of watching movies, news, and TV shows online. Jago TV app is for you if you love to watch Bangla live TV and movies. Apart from shows and movies, it will also allow you to watch sports channels. Watch cricket and other sports anytime, anywhere, with the JagoTV app. It doesn’t matter that you are running the app on a small screen; you will be able to get a real TV experience with JagoTv App. Without paying any cost, enjoy all JagoTV services quickly and effectively.

FREECABLE© TV App: Shows, News

How about if you get a live TV app without paying any single cost? Free cable TV has all the exciting features where you can easily watch and enjoy your favorite TV shows without skipping anything. There is no need for Cable; just download the app on your Android TV or Mobile device to stay updated with the latest news and what’s happening in the world. A complete entertainment package with 2000+ channels inside the single app makes it easier for everyone to set up and enjoy live TV without any cost.


If you love watching movies, The Starz app is the app you need with you! The Starz app, a full-fledged entertainment bundle designed to allow users to download movies and their preferred TV Shows as well as watch them online. You may use it from anywhere on your smartphone or at your comfort zone on your TV.

Final Words

Every app has its unique features, and it depends on your criteria regarding which app you want to download and watch the content. Check out the apps and enjoy the live streaming experience from your mobile device.

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