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The Keychron S1 QMK Mechanical Keyboard on a desk.

You know, I was just looking for something like this the other day. Keychron just launched the S1 QMK mechanical keyboard, a low-profile unit and the first product in Keychron’s new S1 series. Starting at just $110 for a fully-assembled build, it’s a pretty tempting offer.

The Keychron S1 QMK comes in several configurations, with choices for red, blue, or brown low-profile Gateron switches (plus options for white or RGB backlights). It features a 75% layout, meaning that there’s no numpad, and a built-in riser lets you tilt the keyboard for increased ergonomics.

Now, this stuff might sound kind of familiar to you. And that’s because the S1 QMK is very similar to Keychron’s low-profile Q1 keyboard. Oddly enough, the only major difference is the build quality and presentation—while the Q1 cuts a lot of corners, the new S1 QMK has an aluminum chassis and double-shot PBT keycaps.

Note that this keyboard isn’t wireless. Also, its switches aren’t hot-swappable in the standard configuration. But these are minor drawbacks, and realistically speaking, the average keyboard user doesn’t need to swap out any switches.

The Keychron S1 QMK is available today. It starts at $110 when you buy the fully-assembled model with a white backlight. Prices increase as you upgrade the keyboard.

By Janet J

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