InternSathi Launch Programme with 10X Career Growth Challenge

InternSathi is a cutting-edge portal that connects people with internship opportunities. The portal aim to bring freshers and companies together to assist freshers. Also, to find great internships and companies to find enthusiastic interns.

It uses its platform to promote internship opportunities and raise awareness about the internship culture. The portal wants to be a one-stop-shop for companies and applicants looking for interns and internship opportunities with a simple process.

Top features of InternSathi:

  • Easy Shortlisting and Hiring
  • Inbuilt Applicant Tracking System
  • Support Urgent Hiring with Pool of Candidate
  • Candidate and Employer Chat System
  • Email Alerts 
  • Customer Support (Call, Chat, Email)
  • Resume Builder
  • Profile Builder
  • Resume Manager
  • Integrated Zoom Meeting
  • Candidate Export 
  • Apply with Facebook, Apply with LinkedIn
  • Auto Internship Alert to Candidate
  • Social Apps Login
  • Notification Alerts on Dashboard
  • Affordable Rates

InternSathi’s goal is to be the market leader in the internship space and the most popular internship platform where we try to give great interns to Nepalese businesses.

For the first year, we aim for 100+ internships and intern placements per month.

After great relationships with companies and institutions, we will be expanding to 200+ each month by the following quarter and will have more beneficial results.

On August 3, 2021, InternSathi was founded to connect freshers with companies through our platform.

About Team

IntenSathi started with a team of two young people of 19 and 16 years of age Kunal Sah and Diwas Basnet. And further, there are currently a total of 5 team members working actively towards InterSathi. 


Started with just a Facebook page and promoted till now 155 internships through its platform and provided internships to 130+ candidates through our medium. Promoting internship just with creating meme contents and internships contents, internships advice we promoted internsathi from the ground level and took the social media page Facebook engagement to 50k+ Per monthly within months. 

Finally, after 7 months we are finally launching our internship platform with the most required features for hiring interns. 

Internship Hiring Issues

In the majority of situations, students apply for internships and do not receive responses, and in some circumstances, students are unaware of the abilities required when applying for specific internships.

Candidates apply for internships without submitting a proper CV or resume.

In addition, in the majority of cases, students had created a CV that included their citizenship certificate as well as all of their educational certificates.

Intersathi has a role to play in this situation.

The employer immediately rejects the application, and we, the internsathi team, are researching and studying this matter thoroughly.

We are developing training programs to help people build professional skills and personal growth as part of the internship application process. 

What sets intersathi apart from other platforms

We concentrate on learning methods and earning styles.

We only accept paid internships that lead to a job offer.

As trainees, only NGO or Community Organizations with a minimum salary are permitted. We’ve partnered with firms who share our vision of using our platform to hire interns. We are also moving forward with forming partnerships with various colleges both inside and outside the valley.

So, any student from anywhere who wants to conduct an internship can utilize the internsathi website to register and get an amazing position right away. 

Highlights Point

Internsathi Launch on March 11

  • 3 Days training of CV/ resume, Talk to HR & Intern
  • InternSathi only approve the paid internship
  • We are focused on the learning and earning model
  • Served 155+ Companies for their internship promotions

Companies we have served

Khalti, Esewa, Leapfrog, TechSathi, Nabil Bank – Microfinance Sector, DeltaTech, Sastodeal, Upaya City Cargo Etc, and more than 150+ Companies.

How can organizations use internsathi to promote their internship openings?

Companies interested in promoting their internship program should go to They must first register as an employer and then go to their dashboard to post an internship. After submitting the internship, it will be reviewed; in the meantime, the employer/hr should go to the footer area and look at the employment packages, then subscribe to any package that meets their demands. Our admin team will review and approve the internship, and the promotion will begin with team internsathi.

How can a candidate use internsathi to apply for an internship?

Anyone interested in applying for an internship can do so by registering as a candidate. Go to his/her dashboard and fill out a profile with vital information that employers can view when they look at your profile. Make a candidate profile with at least an 80% score by include all necessary information. Use our resume builder to create a resume and upload it to the resume area. Start searching for the internship you’re looking for and applying for it. On your notification bar, you can see every action HR takes on your application. You’ll also receive an email for every step you take.

About Event

Event date: 11 March- 6:30-7 PM About Internsathi , Official Launch, Registration Announcement Promotion, Partner Introductions.



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