The world and many things about it have changed a lot. In the way people dress, in their customs and traditions, in their religious, political or spiritual beliefs. Most probably, one of the most welcome is the invention of machines which changed the way people did things: from labor-intensive to automation.

The development of technology and the way it advanced through the years has also paved the way to changing how people washed their clothes. Many people, especially women, from all over the world have benefitted immensely from the invention of washing machines. It has simplified what used to be very hard labor and made it significantly easy with its advanced features and functions.

  • A washing machine can wash several pieces of dirty clothes in one load. This has definitely stopped people from spending hours on end doing the laundry.
  • The use of hot and cold water in these laundry appliances has been proven to effectively work against stubborn dirt which can be back-breaking when manually washing heavier fabrics like sheets, curtains and towels. This means less effort for moms but effective results for the whole family.
  • The advent of this modern device being effective laundry workers allowed women more time to spend with family and friends and for themselves. This could probably be a factor why our society now has more powerful women with careers that flourish.

How beneficial are they?

  • Each family’s wash loads differ. Because manufacturers are aware that each family has different clothes cleaning system requirement based on several factors, there are options available in the market to suit a specific need and budget.
  • The technology has also allowed the development of another feature that works perfectly well with washing and cleaning clothes and that is drying them. It addressed the problem of being unable to wash during bad weather. To many mothers with newborn babies who are in constant need of freshly washed clothes and diapers, this certainly brought great assistance.
  • They are also designed to minimize bacteria build-up, making them more effective than ever. A load of dirty clothes for instance, when washed using heat of up to 30 degrees eliminate a lot of bacteria that may not be done effectively when hand-washed.

There are undeniably many things that the modern technology ushered into our world nowadays and many of them helped renovate the economy in nations. Among those with the biggest impact is justifiably the washing machine because of the way it improved how people viewed sitting in the laundry room, under-valued.

This marvelous invention has permitted women to unleash their potential beyond the laundry area into more productive endeavors that led to paid work and because of which helped improved many conditions at home and in the society. Take note, this does not mean taking care of the laundry has been neglected. In fact, it has improved way better than it was in the old days. Today, thanks to washers and dryers, even men and children old enough to do the task can wash clothes.

The next time you wonder why more and more women are joining the workforce and still be successful being homemakers, think washing machine and how it has helped revolutionize the way we live, not to mention our economies.

By Janet J

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