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Well, it’s useless to be sophisticated, but if it doesn’t work for sure you are wondering how come? what can’t be used in some of those countries? OK, this time I will tell and explain why one of the advantages of the iPhone 12 does not work optimally in several countries.

Several months ago, Apple released maintenance products, namely the iPhone 12 offers and several series of iPhone 12, namely iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple vendors and giant gadget companies in the world provide their product output as a smartphone, namely the iPhone 12 with several capable and sophisticated new technologies, one of which is 5G network technology.

It has a data speed that is much higher than the previous 4G network type so that it makes users more comfortable and comfortable when operating their computer gadgets.

5G itself has many times the speed of its predecessor, namely 4G with speeds of up to one millisecond for transferring data from one phone to another, or for surfing using your cellphone/computer which will make you experience an extraordinary speed.

5G network technology provides advantages that are difficult to compare with other technologies that can be connected to other devices such as household appliances, telephones and cars, and today’s sophisticated equipment.

However, how sophisticated this 5G technology is, it turns out that it cannot work optimally if it is used in several countries that have not filled the 5G network. Too bad it’s not even though, this 5G technology is one of the superior features that Apple has pinned on the smartphone output, namely the iPhone 12 and its series.

I wonder why this technology can’t be maximized if it is used in certain countries?

Launching from several pages, the reason is clear, namely that the infrastructure/access that supports 5G technology is still not available in several countries. Even though this 5G network reaches download speeds many times higher than the 4G network. Too bad isn’t it?

Still from Kumaran, a gadget expert Lucky Sebastian said that even though the unavailability of 5G network support in several countries will not make iPhone 12 sales decline this year. However, the existence of IMEI rules in some countries can make purchasing an iPhone 12 a little difficult.

IMEI rules mean that smartphones that do not pass Customs will not work in some countries. So like it or not, you have to wait for the iPhone 12 to be released in these countries.

Meanwhile, the official release schedule for the iPhone 12 is still unclear in several countries. So how, are you going to wait for it or move on to something else? hehe.

By Janet J