Mozilla’s free FireFox download is the one web browser since Microsoft’s Internet Explorer defeated Netscape in the mid-1990s that has shown some real acceptance by web users. Since 2002 FireFox’s popularity has exploded. Helped in part by the lack on innovation and complacency on Microsoft’s behalf with Internet Explorer, but equally by bringing in some new features which has vastly improved the web browsing experience.

Here are 3 cool features of the free FireFox download which will help improve your web browsing experience.

Tabbed Browsing – this feature allows you to open a number of different web pages within the same browser window which speeds your internet browsing and is less burdensome on your system in particular your computer’s memory. To open new tabs in FireFox use the hot keys “Ctrl-T.”

Add-ons – FireFox has managed to get a large developer community to generate add-ons to FireFox to help enhance your browsing experience. You can access the add-in site via Tools>Add-ons>Get Extensions. Popular and recommended extensions include BlueOrganizer for managing your bookmarks and McAffee SiteAdvisor to warn you of dangerous sites.

Password Manager – you could argue that using a Password Manager is not a good practice. However, when you consider how many usernames / passwords you have and probably use on a daily basis then it makes sense. Admittedly it makes sense not to save the password of the more sensitive sites like credit card, personal banking or online payment sites like PayPal. The password manager in FireFox is excellent and takes the hassle out of remembering your less sensitive log-in information.

The free FireFox download is really an excellent alternative web browser to Internet Explorer. I highly recommend you download it and see how much better your internet experience becomes.

By Janet J

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