Automatic vehicle location is a way for remotely determining and sending an exact geographic location of a fleet of vehicles. This fleet tracking and management solution uses real-time data obtained from GPS receivers to control and manage a vehicle’s overview. Fleet tracking and management solutions increase the security and efficiency of the fleet. It ensures that your business has access to the whole company’s fleet location quickly and easily.

GPS-based tracking and management system

SaaS Automatic Vehicle Location system is a GPS-based tracking and management system that enables you to determine the precise location of a fleet of vehicles. This vehicle tracking and management solution accurately determines the location of all your fleet vehicles, minimizing out-of-hours operation costs and saving money on your fuel bill. A fully integrated, state-of-the-art fleet tracking and management system will enable you to optimize fuel consumption and transport costs and improve customer relations. Automatic Vehicle Location system maximizes your vehicle tracking and control, providing information about your fleet vehicles.

The automatic vehicle location system is beneficial in reducing the waiting time for customers and drivers. By responding quickly to critical operational decisions, like locating damaged vehicles or re-filling empty trailers, minimizes the risks to both drivers and customers and increases company profits by increasing efficiency and reducing wastage.

Advanced tracking systems

The way that AVL works is by utilizing advanced tracking systems. The tracking systems will accurately locate vehicles and calculate their optimal route. Once the driver has input the destination into a secure online interface, the system will choose the shortest available transportation route. The complex calculations of the AVL routing algorithm can predict the speed of the vehicles and the time they need to take to get to their destinations.

AVL systems can also send data to a central control center every time a driver is assigned a driving assignment. This allows you to pre-authorize drivers to meet certain requirements, like delivering goods or loading or unloading materials at their designated terminals.

Giving reports to monitor and manage the efficiency of your fleet

As part of its Customer Service Management (CSM) role, an AVL system also provides clients with a robust and scalable real-time report and management platform. Through a wide range of web-based functions and modules, AVL can alert customers to any issues which may affect their fleets, like vehicle downtime, poor driver performance, or any other out-of-hours maintenance tasks. A fully automated and scalable solution, AVL’s Customer Service Management system can also provide customers with detailed, up-to-date reports, which they can use to monitor and manage the efficiency of their fleet. With this in place, customers can enjoy improved fleet management services and improved on-time delivery times.

Functions and modules

For business owners and managers, an AVL system is a flexible tool. With the vast number of functions and modules available, it is possible to customize the software used to monitor and track all AVL vehicles in operation. In addition, this software can be used to determine the precise geographic location of each vehicle in operation and to forecast where vehicles may be located in the future. The ability to view the geographical location of an AVL vehicle in real-time allows fleet managers to re-plan routes and allocate drivers to alternative vehicles. Ultimately, controlling the location of AVL vehicles is not just about saving on fuel consumption, but also improving customer service and reducing logistics costs.

By Janet J