A Very Techie Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Every Breed of Geek

The geeks amongst your friends and family are truly the ones to have gifted you. They have gifted you with one of the smoothest and least frustrating gift-giving experiences you will ever endure. Geeks at their very core are defined by an obsession, meaning that there is an entire category of gift ideas for each of them that you can dive through to find something you know they will love.

However, these obsessions are wide and varied, and for those who are truly obsessed it is unavoidable that they will also be very particular. This guide will help you to dig a little bit deeper into their given interest and to avoid the dreaded “oh, I already have this one” line.

Gifts For The Gamer Geek

The term “gamer” is a nebulous one on its own. You could find yourself looking for board games, trading cards, rule books or gifts for video gamers. Try to listen to what the specifics are of their gaming hobby, then consider what they might appreciate which they haven’t already gotten their hands on.

Look at some of the games that they’ve been obsessed with most recently. From there you can research other games that are enjoyed by gamers with similar tastes. Otherwise, their current obsession may be a live-service video game with an in-game store. It’s often possible to purchase a physical gift card with an allotment of the game’s digital currency, which is a gift that will always be appreciated.

Similarly, if your geek is obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon or any other trading card game, then you can’t go astray with a booster pack of the latest set. As these packs are randomised and the nature of these games has them building decks, they’ll always appreciate having some more cards with which to build.

Gifts For The Film Geek

Gifting for the film geek might be a slightly more difficult task. As the world has wholeheartedly accepted a digital age, for many film buffs in the modern day there is not quite the same allure of owning their movie collection physically. Today’s film buff has a plethora of options through which to watch their favourite films. Instead, you could focus on supplemental gifts – behind-the-scenes books or branded merch. Geeks love to collect after all. Also consider what their preferred method of watching films is and how it might be enhances. Cinema vouchers, speaker systems or quality headphones are all fantastic options.

Gifts For The Photography Geek

There is an endless array of gear that your photographer friends are looking out for as they are persistently expanding their arsenal. Although it may be outside of your budget, you can always splurge for a new camera lens, depending on their needs and the ways in which they’re looking to expand their craft. If they’re a portrait photographer, find out if there’s any kind of lighting equipment that they need more of or are missing. Reflectors are relatively inexpensive and can allow them to elevate their outdoor shoots.

Otherwise, there are always accessories such as bags or cases that can help them organise the clutter. Extra SD cards are also a great idea as there’s nothing worse then getting into a flow and then having to stop short of the perfect shot to go on a deleting spree and clear up space.

Gifts For The Music Geek

The one place there’s been a resurgence in physical media is with vinyl music. If your giftee is one of those on the bandwagon, they’d undoubtedly love a new record for their collection. If they’re yet to begin their journey, then you could always kick them off with a fancy new record player.

If they play an instrument, then consumable items such as guitar strings or clarinet reeds are always in need. However, pay close mind to if there are specific brands or types of these that they may prefer.

Gifts For The Computer Geek

The classic computer geek is another that covers a broad range. Your computer geek may be a somebody who prefers the customisation of building their own rig or a hypebeast who always jumps on the latest tech. Find out if there are any PC parts they’re looking to upgrade or you could always help them accessorise by getting the peripherals, cases or other official product that will elevate the way they enjoy their devices. If they’re the tinkerer type, you could get them a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit and set them off on some projects of their own.

Finding the perfect gift for the geek in your life is a simple task when you take it at face value. Yet when you take the time to listen and truly figure who it is that you’re gifting for and what they love, only then will you find a gift that goes above and beyond. That extra effort is sure to be noticed.

By Janet J

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