8 Best SEO Link Building Strategies and Techniques

Over the years, the rules have changed when it comes to learning and adapting your business, especially when it comes to your website. These rules would help draw people into your website and pull more customers into your agency or company as there are increased requirements on your skills, details, quality link-building techniques, and schools. These techniques and strategies for quality link building would really help you because the google core algorithm is all based on links. Here are 9 link building strategies that actually work.

What strategies do you follow to build quality links?

  1. Make it personal

You need to have a human element to each interaction to generate quality results because spam emails are a nuisance for both senders and receivers. It is essential to lighten up your conversations in order to build a long-term collaboration with content partners.

You could throw in a little joke from time to time and you do not have to tell your whole life story or pile up emojis. If you do this, people will remember you and make a positive association every time your name pops up.

  1. The skyscraper technique
  2. Analyze the top-performing content on SERPs

To have a firm and better understanding of the search intent and what the current ranking pages are currently doing, you have to analyze the top-ranking pages in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

  1. Writing a SERP-Based content outline

Base your outline on science and research instead of guesswork. You should identify the main headers that are common in all of the results on the SERPs.

  1. Create unique content that has a unique angle
  • Presentation slide
  • Images and screenshots
  • More actionable information
  • Embedded relevant videos
  1. On-Page SEO
  • Have the primary keywords in the right place
  • Create a catchy and optimized title tag and meta description
  • Use the right heading tag
  1. Join a Mastermind Group

Though you have to pay to join and it is technically not a link-building group, this would help your site to grow since it is a group full of other bloggers who are willing to help each other out and syndicate each other’s content.

  1. Curate industry statistics

Do you know what would work wonders for building quality backlinks for your website? Creating a hub of the most relevant statistics in your industry. 

Stats are something content creators look at all the time. They need data to back up all of the data-driven content that they do. It would help content creators to cut back on research time if you can create stats on one page. 

The stats on your site depends on the following:

  • The type of keywords that the website is ranking for
  • A strong backlink profile
  • Topical relevance to your website
  • Incoming out-going link ratio
  • The organic search traffic that your website receives
  1. Leverage link building communities

Online spaces like Facebook, Slack, or LinkedIn groups are some of the link-building communities that you could turn to since this is where content marketers join and exchange link-building opportunities with one another.

  1. Manual outreach 

Sometimes, reaching yourself is the best way, and there is nothing like doing something that is not scalable. Reaching out annually would have to be one of the link-building tactics that would allow you to build thousands of links. Your tone could be playful or more serious, depending on what you find during the research phase. But you also have to remember to be polite, appreciative of their time and consideration, and be straight to the point.

  1. Triangle backlink exchange strategy

You are going to have access to another website that has a DR60+ if you want this strategy to work. The triangle backlink exchange strategy is a three-way link relationship that everyone would benefit from. Doing this strategy makes it so much easier to get a yes when you reach out because it is a non-bi-directional exchange.

  1. Reach out to journalists

You could see journalists as influencers since they could provide unique link-building opportunities to content marketers and use their connections to link to you. 

What are the types of link building?

  1. Backlinks (Inbound Links)
  • Aim for link diversity
  • Create valuable content that generates interest
  • Remove or disavow bad links
  • Look for high-authority domains
  • Find good linking candidates and ask them to link your site
  1. Outbound Links

Providing your visitors a link to a research source or a related or more in-depth piece of content could be very valuable to them, so looking over the content on your site and identifying places where an outbound link is a must. 

Boosting the authority of your own site is also one of the benefits of creating outbound links, alongside providing value to your visitors. To make sure that the current browser stays open in case your readers want to navigate back to your site after they are done pursuing the link, you have to be sure to configure your links.

  1. Internal Links

Internal links are links that go to other pages within the same website. These links would help your visitors find related content on your site. This would result in them staying on your site much longer. 

They also help search engines see how the content on your site is related, identify the most important pages on your site, and understand your site architecture. Doing this would help boost your search rankings and enable your content to be more easily found by others.

What are the key elements of a successful link-building strategy?

  1. Web Directory Links
  2. Reciprocal Linking
  3. Not Buying Links
  4. Article Marketing or Guest Posting
  5. Forum and Blog Posts Comments

The golden rules of link building are evergreen for the people who have the right mindset of successful link building even though other people believe that link building has been dead for over years now, it definitely is not. You have to work on your link building to help boost your website in search engine results.

By Janet J